Farm products and services in Kaniva

We aim to produce quality farm products in all our areas of operation. That's why we make sure we use the best supplies, feed and techniques to ensure the quality of our end products. Contact our farm in Kaniva to find out more about our services, or to ask for advice.

Some of our farm products in Kaniva

Fresh crops

Our main source of income is from 450 ha of cropping which consists of canola, faba beans, wheat, barley and field peas. All our farm products undergo a thorough scrutiny for quality control. With technology and farming expertise at HR, LM & BG Jewell, we are your reliable source for farm products in Kaniva.


Live stock and breeding

We currently run 550 head of breeding ewes on our farm in Kaniva. 230 of them are SAMM merino, and the remainder are pure merino. 

Our ewes are mated to Whites Suffock X Merino, Samm X White Suffock and Samm X Merino. Contact us to find out more.


Other services

We provide our customers with a range of services, including some contract harvesting to support our business locally. Our main products and services are the grain produced from our farm, and fat lambs for the domestic and international market - as well as wool. Pay us a visit today and let us know what your needs are.

Canola trees